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Welcome to our practice.

Our goal is to make your visit the most pleasant possible and we intend to treat you with the care and respect you deserve. We want you to feel that all your questions and concerns were addressed and that the overall experience was the best it could be. We take great pride in providing personable, individual care and we want you to feel satisfied that your treatment plan was customized specifically for you.

Our main office is located at 185 Devonshire street in the heart of the financial district, just one block from Downtown Crossing and Millenium Tower.  When making an appointment you will reach either Leah or Tammy.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by Leah Kelley our office manager. Leah will have you fill out some basic paper work including demographic information and medical history. If you believe the visit may be covered by health insurance please bring your insurance cards. Leah will collect the office copays or the $100 cosmetic consultation fee. This fee will be used as a credit for any procedures performed.

We know your time is very valuable so we make a concerted effort to accommodate your schedule in a timely fashion. Our goal is to minimize waiting time while maximizing time with Dr. Heher.

The Visit

Once the paper work is filled out and a chart has been created you will see Dr. Heher. She feels very strongly that this experience be as personable and pleasant as possible and prefers to see her patients without assistance from a nurse or technician. The consultation will involve discussion of your goals, an examination and recommendations. Time is allotted judiciously to allow your active involvement in the decision making process. Some of the smaller procedures are performed immediately following the consultation while more involved surgeries are scheduled for a future date. In the case of the latter, Dr. Heher will give the consultation notes to Leah who will provide further details regarding fee quotes and available dates.

The Treatment

We fully recognize that while most of you are excited about the prospects of the results, many of you are understandably anxious about the process involved in getting there. It is one of our top priorities to make this experience as comfortable and painless as possible. With this in mind, we offer a number of anesthesia options so that you can choose what is best for you.

Most treatments, such as botox and fillers, are performed in the same room where the consultation or exam takes place. Topical numbing medicine is applied to the skin usually for 10 to 15 minutes. Both botox and fillers are injected through very small needles, and any discomfort lasts only for a few seconds. Botox is mixed with a preserved saline while many of the fillers are mixed with lidocaine and this helps minimize soreness. Any small medical procedure, such as removal of an eyelid growth, is performed after the area has been anesthetized with an injection of lidocaine.

Procedure Room

Procedures that are more involved and take more than five minutes but less than 20 minutes are usually performed in a procedure room located within our office.  We use this room for most upper lid blepharoplasties.  The eyelids are numbed very gently with a lidocaine injection while the eyes are closed.  The procedure takes about 15-minutes and most report, “it was the easiest procedure ever, and if I had only known, I would have done this ages ago”.  Some patients would rather be completely asleep and unaware of what is happening and surgery can be scheduled in the Day Surgery Unit located within Tufts Medical Center, located at 860 Washington Street, Boston, MA  02111.  In Naples, procedures requiring intravenous sedation are performed at Doctors Outpatient Surgery Center.  The lower blepharoplasty and combined upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery always require IV sedation and can be performed at Tufts Day Surgical Unit in Boston or Doctors Outpatient Surgery Center in Naples.  Both of these facilities have superb anesthesia care and friendly, caring post-anesthesia care nurses that make your surgical experience as easy and as pleasant as it can be.

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