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While most of us start to notice aging changes around our eyes near the age of 40, some of us develop these changes in our earlier years and can see similarities amongst family members. The upper eyelid skin becomes crepy with excess folds, and we start to look older, tired, angry or sad. An upper lid blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is the most powerful tool we have that can restore that youthful look while still looking completely natural. Most feel that they look younger with a brighter expression and report that friends and family remark that they look terrific, but have no idea what they have done.

As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Heher is able to identify aging changes specific to your upper lid anatomy and also identify subtle differences between the two eyes. She will also assess eyebrow position and consider the prominence of the fat pads that can cause puffiness. The surgery is designed to remove excess skin and return a natural contour to the upper eyelid fold. The result is a more youthful look, while still maintaining “your” eyes.

It is important to understand how Dr. Heher’s technique varies from many other cosmetic surgeons. While almost all wish to obtain the "best" possible result, it is essential to avoid both dryness of the eyes and most Importantly a change in the shape of the eyes. With five years of specialty training focused on plastic surgery around the eye, Dr. Heher is able to maximize the skin removal while always maintaining the integrity of the eyes. The incisions are carefully hidden in the natural crease in the eyelid and tapered out into a smile line so that the baggy skin at the outer corner beneath the brow is fully addressed. Dr. Heher is frequently consulted to repair other surgeon’s results where a “rounding of the eye” occurs when the incision is abruptly ended.

Dr. Heher’s surgical approach also varies from others in that she almost universally avoids surgical brow lifts. The current brow lifting techniques, whether performed with a bicoronal incision or with an endoscopic approach, do not allow fine tuning of the brow shape, and more often than not result in the “surprised look” or “deer in the head light” appearance. Dr. Heher maintains that superior natural results are achieved with maximizing the upper lid blepharoplasty and then if desired, medically lifting the brows with botox and/or filler.

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